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A few facts about Kibbutz Reshafim in the year 2013:

Reshafim lies in the Valley of Beit Shean, a few kilometers to the south of that town

The kibbutz was founded in 1944 at Kiriat Haim and erected in Ashrafieh in 1948. About 420 people live on the kibbutz, many of the older generations originally from European countries, but a considerable number from around the Mediterranean and South America, a true kibbutz galuiot, a gathering of the diaspora. The members below sixty are mostly Israeli born.

Practically all inhabitants are not religious and the kibbutz does not provide religious services.

It is a so-called "renewed" kibbutz, where practically everything but the agricultural land and the means of production have been privatized. To all intents and purposes Reshafim is a "moshav shitufi” nowadays. 

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