Ban the Banners


Belly Buttons


their influence on the meaning of life




Paths, not all of them well trodden

Ancient Egypt: Gods and Kings

Walking like an Egyptian

The path to Eternity
4000 years of history - eternity? Close enough.


Where I Clean My Brushes and where the paint drips

The path of the Brush
The path of the Bullet
The path of Paint Dropping

Belly button

Belly buttons

The path to Nirvana



The path to Hell - You didn't expect me to give you a LINK, did you?




The path to the Soul

Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown Toenails, metaphorical ones of course

  1. Let's not take Alphonse's bad old times as a model for our own. Advocating a reasonable attitude towards drugs.
  2. Life, the Universe and Everything: The Ultimate Answer
  3. Humpty's Page
  4. The Plant Rights Page
  5. Remembering Eeyore
  6. Capitalism's Finest Hour
  7. Off with his Head

A few thumbnails

This homepage's raison d'être

A few thumbnails for your delectation

Louis XIV, a minor king - a major disaster  

The Inevitable About Myself Part

Louis was quite good at self glorification.
But so are We, aren't we?

My path to fame


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