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122 Account 50 l. frag. List of taxpayers.
H. 123 Letter 6 l. perfect. Moskhiôn, written by a scribe, signed by Moskhiôn, endorsed by receiver. yr. 25 Pharmouthi 5.
124 Letter 6 l. frag. Dioskouridês to Diophanês his father, yr. 25 Phamenoth 11.
125 Petition 22 I. frag. (fine) to Diophanês the general, yr. 26.
128 Accounts 10 l. frag. and back. List of taxpayers.
129 Letter 9 l frag. from a lady, daughter of Diophanês.
131 Petition 25 l. frag. (fine) sent from Athênodôros a land surveyor.
J 132 Letter 9 + 7 l. frag. yr. 25 Khoiak 4.
K 135 Letter 14 l. frag,
136 Letter 24 l. frag. Mention of feast of Poseidon.
L 138-40 Accounts 30 l. frag. Private accounts.
142 Memos. and accounts 12 + 12 l. frag. with letter on back naming Amolpos.
K 143 Accounts 17 I. frag.
144-6 Accounts 34 l. frag. Travelling expences?
153 Accounts List of taxpayers.
M 163 Letter 12 l. perfect. to Kleôn. yr. 30 Thoth 9.
179 Letter 6 l. frag. " In Ptolemais."
185 Letter 9 l. broken. In hand of No. 108.
187 Letter 10 l. frag.
188 Letter 21 l. frag.
O 189-200 Probate copies of wills, yr. 12.
P 201-220 Same.
Q 232 Letter 8 l. frag. (In hand of Dêmêtrios to Kleôn, No. 108.)
224 Letter 4 l. frag. Polyphrôn to Diogenês.
225-9 Probate copies of wills, yr.37.
236 Letter 15 l. long.
R. 237-8 Same, yr, 23.
S. 239-49 Frags. of tax-lists with heading.
250 Receipts 14 l. frag. from lsidôros son of Asklêpiadês.
251 Receipt 7 l. frag. Meleagros son of Meleagros.
256 Fragments of the Antiopê of Euripides.
257 Receipts of successive tax payments, 19 l. frag.
258 Letter 10 l. frag.
259 Letter 12 l. frag. Dôrotheos. yr. 3. Epiphi 5.
260 Letter frag, yr. 31.


Ptolemy II Philadelphos.

Year    21  FFGGG         265
        23  R             263
        25  HHJ           261
        26  H             260
        30  BBBGGM        256
        31  S             255
        32  A             254
        33  Aa            253
        37  Q             249

Ptolemy III Euergetes.
         3  S             244
         7  G             240
         8  G             239
        12  O             235
        13  E             234
        15  O             232
        22  O             225

76. (I have been favoured with the following translation of one of the wills, by Prof. Mahaffy.

W. M. F. P.)

"In the reign of Ptolemy, son of Ptolemy and Arsinoe the brother gods, the 22nd year [225 B.C.] . . . rates (? Eukrates or Sokrates) the son of Theogenes being priest of Alexander and the gods adelphi and the gods euergetae, the Kanephoros of Arsinoe Philadelphos being Berenike the daughter of Kallianax, on the new moon of the month Xandikos, in the city of the crocodiles of the Arsinoite nome, the following testament was made, in his sound mind and right understanding by Aphrodisias of Heraklea, a sojourner about 80 years old, short in stature [word lost] with aquiline nose and bright eyes, curly hair, but rather bald, with long ears.
May it be my lot to keep in health and manage mine own affairs; but should any mortal chance befal me - I bequeath all my goods to Axiothea daughter of Dizoulos the Thracian woman, and I leave nothing to anybody else. But I choose as executors king Ptolemy son of Ptolemy and Arsinoe the brother gods, and queen Berenike sister and wife of king Ptolemy, and their children. Witnesses Paris the Thessalian, son of Theophilos, of the 2nd settlement, about 30 years old, of middle height, olive complexion, with high forehead and straight hair, with a scar on the middle of his forehead, and a mole beside his right eye. Getas son of [lost] the Koan, of the 2nd settlement, aged about 34 of middle height, olive

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