An Alternative to Navel Contemplation

A Few Belly Buttons to Help You on Your Way to Nirvana

For the advanced meditator: a belly button without accessories.
For the expert meditator: ....

A few words of advice to the seeker of enlightenment

The best way to achieve Nirvana is through contemplation of one's own belly button. Beginners finding this difficult, get easily bored and distracted. Help is needed. You may consider contemplating your girlfriend's, boyfriend's, wife's, husband's, partner's or mate's belly button. Don't. After half an hour he/she will start to suspect that you are trying to take the mickey out of her/him.
This page should therefore be considered as a training ground for the serious meditator.


  serious beginner
  intermediate meditator
  experienced meditator

  cs CS
nc NC
cc CC
ms MS
em EM
fv FV
jm JM
ss SS
ct CT
ce CE
hl HL
ld LD
cl CL
ca CA
tb TB
sb SB
wr HF
wr WR
dh DH


This isn't an equal opportunity meditation page yet. There are, as you may have noticed, only two male belly buttons at present. I'll try to remedy this in the future (the very moment i can take my eyes off TB's belly button).
The belly button without accessories on the other hand is completely politically correct and therefore highly recommended.
For all you lost souls, who reached this site of spiritual improvement while searching for the fleshpots of Egypt, try this site or this one. (this and this used to be links. But due to the vagaries of the internet these links keep disappearing and have been discontinued.)




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