First a piece of advice: Never frogleap a unicorn.

... a Dangerous Thing

  • Scientific American
  • New Scientist
  • Nature
  • Just to remind us why we didn't become relativistic rocket scientists and never crossed the pearly Gateway to Physics.
  • But we haven't missed the hobby train completely
  • And even i can have a go at this.
  • The Tree of Life : k. starr may find his place here, among the cnidaria (jelly fish) perhaps, if they'll have him
  • For those who wanted to be like Einstein and never learned to read, the BBC will read it out for you.
    (Just to set matters straight, Einstein's marks from 1896 were as follows: German-5, French-3, Italian-5, History-6, Geography-4, Algebra-6, Geometry-6, Descriptive Geometry-6, Physics-6, Chemistry-5, Drawing-5, Biology-5, Technical Drawing-4. 6 was the best mark, 1 the worst, 3 meant failed. He had top marks, wherever it counted.)

The Philosopher's Corner

  It takes a little practice  

Food for the Soul and the Soulless


Paperless Papers

  • For those with class: Salon Magazine
  • For those among us who know German: Der Spiegel
  • For the nostalgic: Life
  • For those with little of it: Time
  • For those who think sex has to be tee-hee-hee (kindergarden snigger) naughty: Playboy

Tit for tat

or: You link to me, I link to you
  Legendes Legendes
(mythology and other links, Dutch site)
cafediverso In their words: "cafe'Diverso’s mission is ‘to Inspire People to Explore Cultures through Stories & Connections, so as to Bridge Cultural Divides across the World.’ We aim to ‘Inspire Cultural Travel through Quality Information on the Peoples & Cultures of the World’".

And Other Links

  Lewis Carroll The Lewis Carroll Homepage
By the way: The weak links are extremely weak. most of them very like Dodos.
Kingdomality Have you ever wondered what your profession might have been, had you lived in the Middle Ages? Test your mettle!

A White Knight

Crazy Kamasutra Let's not neglect our bodily needs:
Crazy Kamasutra e-cards
A German mirror
Excuses And having indulged our instincts:
Reasons, Definitions & Excuses

Remember: Life is a sexually transmitted disease
with a 100% mortality rate.

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