Instructions concerning bulging tumors on his breast


If thou examinest a man having tumors on his breast1, (and) thou findest that swelling have spread over his breast; if thou puttest thy hand upon his breast upon these tumors, (and) thou findest them very cool, there being no fever at all therein when thy hand touches him ; they have no granulation , they form no fluid, they do not generate secretions of fluid, and they are bulging to thy hand .


Thou shouldst say concerning him : "One having tumors. An ailment with which I will contend."


There is no treatment . If thou findest tumors in any member of a man, thou shalt treat him according to these directions.

1 "Bulging tumors on his breast." means the existence of swellings on his breast, large, spreading and hard; touching them is like touching a ball of wrappings ; the comparison is to a green hemat fruit, which is hard and cool under thy hand, like touching those swellings which are on his breast.