Instructions concerning tumors with prominent head in his breast


If thou examinest a man having a tumour with prominent head in his breast1, (and) thou findest that the swellings have spread with pus over his breast, (and) have produced redness, while it is very hot therein, when thy hand touches him .


Thou shouldst say concerning him : "One having tumors with prominent head in his breast, (and) they produce cists of pus . An ailment which I will treat with the fire-drill."


Thou shouldst burn him over his breast (and) over those tumors which are on his breast . Thou shouldst treat him with wound treatment , Thou shouldst not prevent its opening of itself, that there may be no mnh-w in his wound (sore?) . Every wound (sore?) that arises in his breast dries up as soon as it opens of itself .

1 "Tumor with prominent head in his breast." means that there are swellings spreading over his breast because of his injury ; they produce pus and redness on his breast ; (as) it is said: "It is like parti-colored things whose product is pus.