Instructions concerning a dislocation in his two collar-bones

First examination

If thou examinest a man having a dislocation in his two collar-bones1 , shouldst thou find his two shoulders turned over (and) the head (s) of his two collar-bones turned toward his face .

First diagnosis

Thou shouldst cause (them) to fall back , so that they rest in their places . Thou shouldst bind it with stiff rolls of linen ; thou shouldst treat it afterward with grease (and) honey every day , until he recovers .

Second examination

If, however , thou shouldst find his two collarbones having a rupture (or the tissue) over it, penetrating to the interior.

Second diagnosis

Thou shouldst say concerning him : "An ailment which I will treat." (Scribal error )

1 "A dislocation in his two collar-bones " means a displacement of the heads of his sickle-bone(s) . Their heads are attached to the upper bone of his breast to his throat , over which is the flesh of his gorge, that is the flesh that is over his bosom . Two canals are under it : one on the right and (one) on the left of his throat (and) of his bosom ; they lead to his lungs .