Instructions concerning a wound in his head, penetrating to the bone


If thou examinest a man having a [gaping] wound [in] his [head]1, penetrating to the bone thou shouldst lay thy hand upon it (and) thou shouldst pal[pate] [his] wound. If thou findest his skull uninjured, not having a perforation3 in it ...


Thou shouldst say regarding [him]: "One having a gaping wound in his head. An ailment which I will treat."


[Thou] shouldst bind [fresh meat upon it the first day, thou shouldst apply two strips of linen2; and treat afterward with grease, honey, (and) lin]t every day until he recovers.

1 "A gaping wound in his head penetrating to the bone : ------------------ his wound .

2 "Two strips of linen.": two bands [of linen which one applies upon the two lips of the gaping wound in order to cause that one join] to the other.

3 "Not having a split, a perforation, (or) a smash in it.": .