Instructions concerning a wound in his nostril


If thou examinest a man having a wound in his nostril piercing through1, shouldst thou find the two lips of that wound separated from each other , thou shouldst draw together that wound with stitching .


Thou shouldst say concerning him : "One having a wound in his nostril, piercing through. An ailment which I will treat."


Thou shouldst make for him two swabs of linen, (and) thou shouldst clean out every worm of blood which has coagulated on the inside of his nostril. Thou shouldst bind (it) with fresh meat, the first day. when its stitching loosens, thou shouldst take off of him the fresh meat. (and) thou shouldst bind it with grease, honey (and) lint every day until he recovers.

1 "A wound in his nostril, through," means, that the two lips of his wound are soft, opening on the inside of his nose, as one says: "pierced through" concerning soft things.