Instructions concerning a wound above his eyebrow.


If thou examinest a man having a wound above his eyebrow , penetrating to the bone, shouldst palpate his wound , (and) draw together for him the gash with stitching .


Thou shouldst say concerning him : "One having a wound above his eyebrow . An aliment which I will treat."


Now after thou hast stitched it , thou shouldst bind fresh meat upon it the first day . If thou findest that the stitching of this wound is loose , thou shouldst draw (it) together for him with two strips (of plaster)1 , and thou shouldst treat it with grease and honey every day until he recovers .

1 "Two strips of linen," it means two bands of linen, which one applies to two lips of the gaping wound , in order to cause one (lip) be joined to the other .