Treatment for a woman pained in her teeth and jaws (?)1; she knows not [how to open ?] her mouth


Thou shalt say as to it: it is morsiones uteri 2


Thou shalt do for it (thus): when thou hast fumigated her with grease and incense in a frying-pan (?)3, pour on her [vulva ?] the urine of an ass that has begotten its like (i.e. is the sire of a male ass ?) (used on) the day that has passed it. If her abdomen is pained from her lap (?) or navel to her loins, it is colic4.

1   Stephen Quirke: her teeth and molars
2   (irritation ?) of the uterus - Stephen Quirke: 'it is toothache of the womb'.
3   Stephen Quirke: with incense and oil in 1 jar
4   Stephen Quirke: it is worm