Treatment for a woman pained in natibus suis, abdomine suo, radicibus coxarum suarum 1


Thou shalt say as to it: it is excrementa uteri 2 that thou emittest (lit. causest to be perceived)?"
If she says to thee: "I am emitting the smell of roast meat," thou shalt say as to it, it is nemsu uteri.


Thou shalt do for it (thus): carob beans 1/64 hekt 3: sasha fruit 1/64 hekt; cow's milk 1 henu; cook, cool, make into one mess, drink four mornings 4 .

1   her buttocks, her abdomen, the roots of her hips - Stephen Quirke: rear, her front, and the calves of her thighs
2   excretions (discharges) of the uterus
3   1 hekt = 10 senu = ca. 5 litres
4   or rather early in the morning.