Treatment for a woman pained in all her limbs and the sockets of [her] eyes .... her .... is kemt


Thou shalt say as to it: it is kemtu1 of the uterus


Thou shalt do for it (thus): grease2, 1/64 heqt ..... figs (?)3, grapes, nekaut, auh, seeds of sheni 4....... pound, grind fine, cook, drink three days.
1   Stephen Quirke: pains
2   mrH.t - Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae: Fat (general), anointing oil - Stephen Quirke: oil
3   Stephen Quirke: ished-fruit
4   Stephen Quirke: notched sycamore fruit, beans, prt-Sny [...]
The fruit of the sycamore (nekaut, nqa.wt) had to be notched for it to ripen. The Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae translates auh (jwH.w), Quirke's "beans", as "edible fruit (as drug)"