Treatment for a woman pained in her shanks


Thou shalt give for it strips of rag (?) soaked in frankincense ........ [if] her movements (?) 1 are pleasant (?) in her doing everything, it is health; if [her] movements (?) [are painful]2 thou shalt say as to it: it is ..... [uteri] 3.


Thou shalt do for it (thus): mehui of fresh grease (or fresh grease melted ?)4, pour [upon her ....] put frankincense5 on her .... after doing this..

1   possibly referring to the results of the purging
2   Stephen Quirke: If the product [is foul?],
3   of the uterus
4   Stephen Quirke: with [..] cup of fresh oil,
5   Stephen Quirke: resin