Treatment for a woman aegrotantis in urina sua velut .... urinae ardentis 1


Thou shalt say as to it: it is dejectiones (?) uteri 2


Thou shalt do for it (thus): beans, seeds of sheni, flowers of reed3; pound, grind fine, upon 1 henu 4 of nezazat beer; cook and drink four mornings. Let her spend the day lying down fasting; next morning let her drink 1 henu of the same; let her spend the day fasting, until there comes the time of after (?) washing the mouth (? ablution)5.

1   being ill in her urine as ... of burning (?) urine
2   diarrhoea of the womb - Stephen Quirke: discharges of the womb
3   Stephen Quirke: beans, prt-Sny plant and mwt-parts of the gyw plant
4   1 henu: ca. ½ litre
5   Stephen Quirke: until the arrival of breakfast time