Driving out spirits, magical spells

pHearst 16

(= Ebers No. 182)
Really expelling the spirit
THwj fruit 5 ro, [safflower] fruit 5 ro, nuts from the arw tree 5 ro, the contents of the wDaj.t pod 5 ro, SASA fruit 5 ro, grind to a fine powder.
To be taken by the patient with honey.

pHearst 36

(= Ebers No.165)
Expelling magic from the body
Mix the interior of a wDaj.t, incense, fruit of the Sn plant.
To be eaten by the patient.

pHearst 54

(= Ebers No.165)
Remedy to expel magic from the body
Marrow of the Hmm plant 5 ro, wDaj.t of dates 5 ro, fruit of the Sn plant 5 ro, incense 5 ro.
Eat, wash down with beer.

pHearst 78

(= Ebers No.1)
Spell to accompany the applying of the remedy to any body parts which are ill
I have left Heliopolis with the great ones of the sanctuary, lords of protection, rulers of eternity; they protect me. I have left Sais with the mother of the gods, and they have granted me their protection. I possess spells composed by the ruler of the universe, to dispel the influences of the god, the goddess, the male and the female spirit etc., which are in this head of mine, in this arm of mine, in these limbs of mine, in these body parts of mine, to punish the srxj, chief of those who introduce the illness and bjbj into these limbs of mine. For Re has said: "I protect him from his enemies! He is like Thoth. He has caused the writings to talk by composing a book in order to pass on knowledge to the learned ones and the physicians who gollow him in order to practise. He who is loved by his god is kept alive by him. I am one who is loved by his god, that is why he keeps me alive.
To be spoken when applying the remedy to any ill body part. Really proven innumerable times.

pHearst 212

Spell for the measure when one takes it in order to measure a medicine
This dbH (measure) in which I measure this remedy is the measure in which Horus has measured his eye, and it was [measured] correctly and life, well-being and happiness was found [again by it] . This remedy is being measured in this measure in order to drive away all diseases with it which are in this body

pHearst 213

Spell for barley
This barley is the eye of Horus, measured and correct, which Isis has brought to her son Horus, in order to cause him to pass the stool in order to purge the badness which was in his body.

pHearst 214

Spell for the lard in every medicine
Praise to you, Eye of Horus, you rnn.wtt (Renenutet) on top of the HD Htp, which gave Re radiance before the Ennead. The divine Isis came forth and praised [.. ?] before Gebeb and there she (Renenutet ?) did battle for her (Isis ?) etc. Save him from the shadow, the male and female ghost! For I am this [famous] Thoth, this [famous] physician of the Eye of Horus which has fought for his father Osiris before Neith, Mistress of Life and her ladies in waiting. We have (?) saved etc.

pHearst 215

Spell for the honey
Come, honey, come to the passage of the locusts, the ship's passage! Honey is healthy!-
Tell the gods in whose hearts is fear: [Your ?] right horn against the right, the left one against the left against the nnj ghosts, against the xnj ghosts, so they may be destroyed etc.
O you who belong to the heavens [face towards / more than] the stars!
O you who belong to the earth, [face towards /more than] the gods,
O you who belong ..... , [face towards] the cloud,
O you who belong to the heavens [ face towards] the nnj ghosts and xmj.t ghosts so that they may be destroyed etc.
Protection, behind me, protection, come, protection!

pHearst 216

Spell for the beer
This Dsr.t beer is [Horus of Chemmis (?)], strained in P, mixed in Dp. You shall drink it .... while the sm priest attends with his utensils (?), statue, ....., kjs, jns.t, jbr-salve, sAp.t. Drink the beer which I have brought in order to dispel the influences of the god, the male and female ghosts which are in this body etc.