Remedies for the blood


Treating the blood ////
////// 1/2 ro, gum 2 ro, flour 4 ro, jns.t seeds 12 1/2 ro, water 10 ro. Expose to the dew during the night.
Move from side to side in the mouth. For 4 days.

pHearst 69

For treating the hb-n-tA in the blood
Roasted wheat grains 2 1/2 ro, jHw grains 2 1/2 ro,goose lard 4 ro, water 20 ro. Expose to the dew over night, filter.
Take 4 days.

pHearst 129

(Ebers No.724) Remedy for driving out "blood eating" from all limbs
Crush HD plant with tallow.

pHearst 130

(Ebers No.725)
The same
AH bread, mix with natron and jnj.t of dates.
Put on the places where there is blood.

pHearst 143

(= Ebers No.593)
Remedy for driving out a "nest of blood", which has not settled yet
sam plant 4 ro, jSd fruit 2 ro, SASA grains 1/2 ro, fruit of the Sn plant 4 ro, goose fat 2 ro. Cook with abundant beer.
Drink for 4 days.