Remedies for treating the hair

pHearst 144

(Ebers No.464 ff)
Remedy for making hair grow
1 apnn.t worm, put into a pastille for rubbing in and put on the fire, after it has boiled it shall be put into lard.
Rub in quite frequently.

pHearst 145

(Ebers No.464 ff.)
Another remedy for encouraging hair growth of black spelt, crush in a stone mortar, wring out in pieces of cloth and add the juice to lard and honey. Mix, cook.

pHearst 146

(Ebers 465)
Another remedy
Antelope tallow, snake grease, crocodile grease, hippo grease. Mix.
Rub in.

pHearst 147

(Ebers No.451)
Remedy for preventing the greying of the hair
Fruit from the wan tree, Dsr.t plant, Hs fruit from the jmA tree. Pulverize finely, mix with 1 fingerfull of lard. make into a lump (?), wrap in a fine cloth, .... in a vessel on the fire until boiling point, mix with fat.
Rub in.

pHearst 148

(Ebers 463)
The same
Donkey liver, leave in a pot until it is rotten. Cooked, put in lard.
Rub in.

pHearst 149

The same
Cook a mouse, put in lard until it has rotted.
As above.

pHearst 155

(Ebers No.474ff)
Remedy for removing hairs from any body parts
Boiled bones of the gbg bird, fly dirt, lard, sycamore milk, gum, a lump of salt. Warm.

pHearst 156

(Ebers No.451ff.)
The same
Blood from the vulva of a female greyhound.
It should be put on the hair. Apply (?)

pHearst 157

(Ebers No.474)
Remedy for hair loss
Put an apnn.t worm, cooked in lard, on the head of the concubine.

pHearst 158

(Ebers No.475)
The same
A lotus flower, cooked in lard.