Remedies for Sf.t, inflammations swelling

pHearst 127

(Ebers No.566)
Remedy for driving out the Sf.t from all the limbs
qAA fruit of the wAm plant, milk, Sna plant squashed with HsA, fresh ax plant squashed with clear water.
Bandage with it.

pHearst 128

(Ebers No.567)
The same
Salt of the North, crumbs of psn pastry, natron, dough.
Bandage with it to cause the liquid therein to come forth.

pHearst 136

(Ebers No.563)
Drive away the Sf.t
Lettuce(?)hair 5 ro, natron 5 ro, cow's tallow 5 ro, cumin 5 ro, fly dirt 5 ro, sskA grains 5 ro. Pulverize, mix.
Bandage with it.

pHearst 137

Drive away the Sf.t
Beans, fruit of the xt-ws.t tree, dregs of Hr.t beer, jSd fruit, wax. Mix.
Bandage with it for 4 days.

pHearst 139

(Ebers No.563)
To drive out the Sf.t
Fruit of the DAr.t plant, natron, SASA grains, date wine. Mix.
Bandage with it. It drives out the illnesses of the blood from all body parts of a male or female patient.

pHearst 140

(Ebers 557)
Similarly a remedy for drawing out pus
jpSnn grains 5 ro, natron 5 ro, burned clay 5 ro, fruit of the DAr.t plant 5 ro, incense 5 ro, jnj.t of dates [5 ro]. Mix.
Bandage with it.

pHearst 141

(= Ebers No.558)
Another remedy
Incense 5 ro, Antimony 5 ro, ink 5 ro, qsntj 5 ro, honey 5 ro.
As above.

pHearst 235

Another remedy for driving the Sf.t from all body parts
Fresh dates 5 ro, jnj.t of dates 5 ro, dry myrrh 5 ro, wax 5 ro. Mix.
Bandage with it for 4 days.

pHearst 236

Another remedy for driving away the Sf.t
jSd fruit 5 ro, SmA from the storax tree [5 ro], salt of the North 5 ro, sfT oil 5 ro, greenstone 5 ro, pAwr beverage 5 ro, fruit of the DAr.t plant 5 ro, THwj fruit 5 ro. Pulverize together.
Bandage with it.