Remedies for the skin

pHearst 30

(= Ebers No.183)
Expel wxd from the skin
THwj fruit 2 ro, jSd fruit 4 ro, milk 2 1/2 ro, incense 1/2 ro, waH seeds 4 ro, figs 4 ro, Snf.t seeds 1/2 ro, sweet beer 5 ro, as before, make doses of 5 ro minus 1/30.

pHearst 153

(= Ebers No.714)
Renewing the skin
Honey, red natron, salt of the North. Pulverize together.
Rub the limbs with it.

pHearst 154

(= Ebers 715)
Making the skin more beautiful
Alabaster powder, natron powder, salt of the North, honey. Stir together with this honey.
Rub the skin with it.