This is the beginning of the book of preparing the medicines for all the body parts of a person.
    I have emerged from Heliopolis with the priests of Het aat, the lords of protection, the kings of eternity and salvation. I have emerged from Sais with the maternal goddesses who gave me protection. Many word were disclosed to me by the Lord of the World in order to banish the sufferings of the gods and the mortal diseases of any kind. Many chapters are about this head of mine, about this neck of mine, about these arms of mine, about this flesh of mine, about these limbs of mine, to punish the mockery of the highest who let the disease penetrate into this flesh of mine by magic into these limbs of mine so that it penetrates into this flesh of mine, into this head of mine, into these arms of mine, into this body of mine, into these limbs of mine, [so often] Re takes pity speaking: "I protect him against his enemies." It is his guide Thoth who has given him speech, who has created the books and confers renown on those who know everything and the physicians who follow him, in order to unravel that which is dark. The god gives life to him whom he loves; I am one whom the god loves, he gives me life.
Words to speak during the preparation of the remedies for all parts of the body of a person who is ill: As it shall be, a thousand times.
This is the book of the healing of all maladies. May Isis heal me as she healed Horus of all his pains which his brother Seth has caused him when he killed his father Osiris. O Isis, great of magic, heal me, save me from all the bad, evil, typhonic things, from the daemonic and deadly diseases and impurities of all kind which attack me, as you have saved and freed your son Horus. I have entered the fire and emerged from the water. May I not fall into the trap of that day, saying: "I am small and pitiable."
O Re! you who has spoken for your body. O Osiris! you who pray for your manifestation. Re speaks for his body, Osiris prays for his manifestation. Free me from all possible evil, bad and typhonic things, from the demonic and deadly feavers of all kind.
As many chapters as there are [saying] how it should be, a thousand times.
Chapter about drinking remedies. Remedies come, it comes to expell all kind from this my heart, from these my limbs; the charms have great power over the medicines. Again.
Dont I remember how Horus and Seth were led to the great fore-court at Heliopolis in order to debate the testicles of Seth and Horus will be hale as he was on earth. He does anything he wants to, like those of the gods who are there. Words [spoken] how it should be, when one is drinking the medicines, a thousand times.


-The Ebers papyrus