The uses of the castor oil plant

pEbers 251

    The knowledge of what is produced from the dgm-plant (castor oil plant) as it was found in the writings of ancient times, for the benefit of men:
    When one cuts its roots into small pieces, puts them into water and lays this onto the head of someone who is ill, he will immediately be well as someone who is not ill.
    If moreover a bit of its fruit is chewed with beer by a man who has whj of the excrement, then this will remove the suffering in the belly of the man.
    As concerns the hair growth of a woman with the help of its fruit: It shall be cut into small pieces, made into a homogeneous mass, added to oil and then she shall anoint her head with it.
    Furthermore, if one extracts oil from its fruit in order to anoint him who has a wHAw-illness and is afflicted with a bad case of jTTt and HwAw then the rjwmw shall be stopped as is the case with someone to whom nothing has happened.
    Truly excellent, millions of times.