Here begin the remedies to be prepared for a woman in order for the woman to evacuate that which she has received in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd period

Acanthus fruit, onions (?), dates
Grind, pulverize in a vessel with honey, moisten charpie with it, insert into her vulva.

Remedy for preventing a woman to be ill with her urine

Sea salt 1/16, mahetet seeds 1/8, sweet beer 1/3 dena, honey 1/3

Another for cooling the anus

Tree oil (?) 1, oil 1, water of onion (?) 1, honey 1
Squirt into the anus.

Another to be prepared for one (woman) who evacuates cool matter (?)

Pieces of red jasper, without letting them see light, bury them in white soil and water them copiously in the dark,     If you examine a woman who has had a discharge like water and the end of it is similar to baked blood, then you should say: This is a scrape in her uterus. Then you should make her: Nile earth from the water carrier, which you crush in honey and galena; put this on a dressing of fine linen and insert it into her vagina for four days.

    If you examine a women who suffers from the side of her pubic region, then you should say: This is an irregularity of her menstruation.


Source of text: Menstruation, Menstrual Hygiene and Woman's Health in Ancient Egypt by Petra Habiger accessed July 2003