Remedies for the belly

pEbers 24

    Another remedy for the belly: Snj-tA-fruit ¼, gngnt-plant ¼, sam-plant ¼, sweet beer to 15.
    It shall be made into a homogeneous mass, be cooked, strained and shall be drunk in one day.
    (Then it shall be) caused that the man excrete all the accumulations which are in his belly.

pEbers 25

    Another (remedy) for the emptying of the belly and the removal of aches in the stomach of the man: Seeds of the castor-oil plant shall be chewed and washed down with beer, so that everything will come out which is in his stomach.

pEbers 41

    Another (remedy) for the removal of any illnesses of the stomach: Roasted figs shall be aspersed with Behen-oil, raisins likewise, seeds of the Snj-fruit, likewise. They shall be mixed into a homogeneous mass, it shall be eaten by the man in whose stomach the illnesses are, and he shall be made to drink.