Recipes for the treatment of hair

pEbers 464

    Beginning of the recipes for hair growth: sAr-plant cut into small pieces 1, in oil 1, it shall be mixed into water from the pAw-a body of water. One shall anoint therewith.

pEbers 465

    Another (remedy) for hair growth on a bald man: Fat of lion 1, fat of hippo 1, fat of crocodile 1, fat of tom-cat 1, fat of snake 1, fat of Nubian ibex 1. It shall be made into an homogeneous mass, the head of the bald man shall be anointed therewith.

pEbers 466

    Another (remedy) for hair growth due to nssq-illness: Hair of the porcupine, it shall be boiled in water, the head shall be anointed therewith for four days.

pEbers 467

    Another (remedy): Ochre crushed in bile 1 shall be added to it. Cut-open afA-plant shall be added to it. That which is in a mussel, crushed in ladanum 1. It shall be applied.

pEbers 468

    Another remedy for hair growth, made for Shesh, the mother of his majesty the king of Upper and Lower Egypt (Teti), the justified: Leg of a female greyhound 1, stone of a date 1, hoof of a donkey 1. It shall be cooked vigorously in oil in a DADA-pot. One shall anoint therewith.

pEbers 469

    Another (remedy): Black lizard, it shall be crushed like a metal kAt-mtrxt vessel, it shall be boiled in oil. One shall anoint therewith.

pEbers 476

    It (i.e. the hair) is to be removed as follows: Carapace of a turtle, it shall be cooked, it shall be crushed, it shall be added to fat from the leg of a hippo. One shall anoint therewith, very very very frequently.