Remedy for coughing

pEbers 305

    Beginning of the remedies for the removal of a cough: Fresh colocynth [1], put into a new pot full of water, drink for 4 days.

pEbers 306

    Another: Colocynth, cook in sweet beer 5 drink during 4 days.

pEbers 307

    Another: Thou shalt take a "halved pot", one half with water, one half with colocynth. Then thou shalt cause him to spend four days: he shall spend the day in the light, he shall spend the night in the dew. Then thou shalt cause ¼ of 5 be poured out of this "halved pot", he who has the cough shall be made to drink it, so that he will recover immediately.
[1] colocynth: North African gourd, the fruit contains alcaloids and has purgative effects.