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A cultural chronology of ancient Egypt: Table of contents
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Cultural Chronology of Ancient Egypt

Seneb, his wife and children; Courtesy Jon Bodsworth     Often we are unaware, of how different and yet how similar ancient cultures were compared to our own. The world of the Ancients was for the great majority of people, much smaller. Many knew only their own village and its immediate surroundings. Their life style was simple, food unvaried, medical attention often non existent, sanitary conditions poor. The child mortality would have appalled any modern Westerner, as it still does in many developing countries.    

    But the most important joys have remained essentially unchanged: The love of one's family and friends, the games played, songs sung, dramas enacted, stories told and gods worshipped.

    These tables will give you an idea of how the means for achieving the good life evolved, in a society so very different from ours and yet so very alike.


Picture source:
[  ] Seneb, his wife and children, 6th Dynasty, excerpt: Jon Bodsworth

The Tables

  - Until 3000 BCE : Predynastic Period
  - 3000 - 2600 : Old Kingdom :1st to 4th Dynasty
  - 2600 - 2100 : 5th Dynasty to the First Intermediate Period
  - 2100 - 1700 : Middle Kingdom :12th and 13th Dynasty
  - 1700 - 1550 : The Second Intermediate Period
  - 1550 - 1300 : New Kingdom: 18th Dynasty
  - 1300 - 1200 : 19th Dynasty
  - 1200 - 1100 : 20th Dynasty
  - 1100 - 530 : The Third Intermediate Period
  - 530 - 340 : The Persian and Greek Conquests
  - 340 - 30 BCE : The Ptolemaic Period


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