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From the Third Intermediate Period
until the Persian Conquest

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Pinedjem Colossus, Luxor
Pinedjem Colossus, Luxor
(© Bob Culley)


Osorkon bringing offerings
Osorkon bringing offerings
22nd Dynasty
(Louvre Museum)


Canopic jar of Inpuhotep
Canopic jar of Inpuhotep


Isis suckling Horus
Isis suckling Horus
26th Dynasty

From the Third Intermediate Period until the Persian Conquest
From the 21st to the 26th Dynasty

(Dates are quite reliable from the 7th century onwards.)
1090 - 21st Dynasty
  • Continual weakening of the central power
  • Bronze statue of a priest wearing a loin-cloth with a picture of Osiris.
  • Royal mummies near Thebes are being hidden in order to protect them from tomb robbers. (Rediscovery in 1881)
  • Curly wigs worn by the nobility
  • Poppy is mentioned
945 - 22nd Dynasty
  • Priest as a block statue with relief showing gods.
  • The animal cult gains importance
817 - 23rd Dynasty
  • Coexists with the 22nd Dynasty
  • Canopic jars, containing the inner organs, with lids in the form of humans or animals.
715 - 25th Dynasty
  • Ethiopians conquer the whole of Egypt.
  • Renaissance of traditional art forms.
  • A net of auxiliary lines on sculptures points to extensive copying of models. Chisels are being used side by side with stone hammers.
  • The demotic script is developed from the hieratic.
  • The Assyrian Asarhaddon conquers the whole of Egypt.
  • Egyptians resettled in Assyria influence Assyrian life and culture.
656 - Psammetic I
  • Egypt is united and independent from Assyria.
  • Relief of head made of transparent green on top of opaque red glass with an intermediate light blue layer.
600 - Necho II
  • Beginning of the re-excavation of the canal connecting the Nile with the Red Sea.
  • Circumnavigation of Africa
569 - Ahmose II
  • Egypt enjoys its last brilliant period under a native ruler.
  • Trade with Greece flourishes.
  • Close friendship with Polycrates of Samos.
  • Promotion of the Greek city Naukratis in Egypt.
529 - Cambyses
  • Cambyses, son of the Persian king Cyrus, conquers Egypt.
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