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The New Kingdom: The 20th Dynasty
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The New Kingdom:
The 20th Dynasty

(Dates: ± 20 years)
Geese, Meidun, 4th Dynasty
Meidum, 4th Dynasty
(Source: Tulane University website)


The temple of Ramses III at Medinet Habu
The temple of Ramses III
at Medinet Habu
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Shawabty of Ramses IV
Shawabty of Ramses IV
(Louvre Museum)
1200 - Beginning of the Iron Age
  • Iron replaces bronze only slowly
  • Expeditions to the Indian Ocean with ships up to 67m long.
  • Breeding of geese
1182 - Ramses III
  • Amenemope's Book of Wisdom, contains sayings often identical to the biblical Proverbs
  • Temple of Ramses III at Medinet Habu with monumental column façade, reliefs of hunts and battles (e.g. a successful war against the People of the North)
  • Numerous temple endowments by the king.
  • The court of Ramses III in the Amen temple , temple of the Moongod, both at Karnak - monumental style, merging of huge statues with the pillars.
  • Continuing corruption of the officials.
  • Sarcophagus of Ramses: Relief of Isis with spread wings
  • Strike of the state workers in the Town of the Dead at Thebes.
  • Rock tomb of Ramses IV near Thebes, depiction of the king's journey with the Sun god through the Realm of the Dead, the Duat.
  • Dearth of corn
  • Speculative: Envoys to China
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