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Second Intermediate Period
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Hyksos Scarab
(Source: Brandeis University site)

Picture of a chariot
Picture of a chariot
on a chest
Tutankhamen's tomb


Second Intermediate Period

(Dates: ± 50 years)
1700 - Hyksos
  • Hyksos invade Egypt, the state disintegrates: The Hyksos control the North, Southern Egypt remains under Egyptian rule.
  • Foundation of Avaris in the Delta
  • Horse and chariot are introduced from Mesopotamia (by the Hyksos)
  • Compound bow made of horn and wood
  • Scale armour
  • Rectangular fortifications
  • Introduction of Canaanite deities
  • Edwin Smith Papyrus contains views on medicine, much surgical knowledge such as castration, the removal of tumors and hernias, setting of bones, treatment of head wounds, suturing
  • Depictions of horsedrawn chariots
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