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Tomb inscriptions of Weshptah

1 [It was] his eldest [son], first under the king, [advocate of the people (?)], Mernuterseteni (stnj-mr-ntr) [1], who made (it) for him, while he was in his tomb of the cemetery.
2 ////// Neferirkere (nfr-jr-kA-ra) came to see the beauty of ////// when he came forth upon them 4 //////. His majesty [caused] that it be [///] 5 ////// the royal children [s]aw 6 ////// and they [wondered (?)] very greatly beyond 7 [everything]. Then, lo, his majesty praised him because of it.
His majesty saw him, however, that [he] heard not.
8 ////// [///]. When the royal children and companions, who were of the court, heard, great fear was in their hearts.
- Weshptah filled a number of important positions under Sahure and Neferirkare Kakai (c.2475-2455 BCE): vizier, chief builder, chief judge.
-his eldest [son]: i.e. Weshptah's eldest son. It was the eldest son's duty to perform all the rites necessary for his deceased father.
-made (it): this inscription
-the beauty of //////: Apparently a building whose erection Weshptah was supervising.
1 /// /// /// /// [He was conveyed to (?)] the court, and his majesty had the royal children, companions, ritual priests, and chief physicians come 2 //////. His majesty [had] brought for him a case of writings /// 3 //////. They said before his majesty that he was lost 4 //////. [The heart of his majesty was (?)] exceedingly [sad (?)] beyond everything; his majesty said that he would do everything according to his hearts desire, and returned to his privy chamber. -writings: probably magical scrolls. Magic was an important part of healing.
-lost: mortally ill.
5 ////// he prayed to Re 6 ////// [put (?)] into writing on his tomb 7 //////. [His majesty commanded that there be made for him a coffin of (?)] ebony wood, sealed. Never [was this done to one like him before (?)] ////// laid therein. 9 ////// these /// of the northern 10 //////. His majesty had him anointed by the side of his majesty.
1  [It was] his eldest [son], first under the king, [advocate of the people (?)], Mernuterseteni (stnj-mr-ntr) [1], who made (it) for him, while he was in his tomb of the cemetery. ////// 2 ////// there was [made (?)] for him a flight of steps ////// 3 plenty. When 4 ////// that he [might be consigned (?)] therein to the earth 5 ////// he had him come 6 ////// all /// from the court 7 ////// one caused that it be put into writing upon 8 [his tomb] ////// [His majesty praised him (?)] on account of it, and he praised the god for him (thanked him) exceedingly. -him: Mernuterseteni

J. H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Part One, §§ 243-249


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