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Ancient Egypt: The offering of Uha
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The Offering of Uha

    An offering which the king and Anubis, Who is Upon His Mountain, He Who is in Ut, the Lord of the Holy Land, give:
    An invocation-offering to the Count, Seal-Bearer of the King of Rekhyt, Sole Companion, and Lector Priest, honored with the great god, the Lord of Heaven, Uha, who says:
    I was one beloved of his father, favored of his mother, whom his brothers and sisters loved. When I was circumcised, together with one hundred and twenty men, and one hundred and twenty women, there was none thereof who hit out, there was none thereof who was hit, there was none thereof who scratched, there was none thereof who was scratched. I was a commoner of repute, who lived on his own property, plowed with his own span of oxen, and sailed in his own ship, and not through that which I had found in the possession of my father, honored Uha.

Source [1]: D. Dunham, Naga-ed-Der Stelae of the First Intermediate Period, London, 1917, pp.102ff.

- Dated to the 5th dynasty, c. 2400 BCE
-Who is Upon His Mountain: the funeral mountain
-He who is in Ut: Am Ut, Dweller in the chamber of embalmment
-Count: Generally used for rulers of nomes
-Rekhyt: Lower Egypt
-circumcised: perhaps not a universal practice in Egypt, but seemingly widespread. During the New Kingdom the Egyptians collected the genitals of uncircumcised fallen enemies, while they cut off the hands of the circumcised ones.
-and one hundred and twenty women: not everyone agrees with this interpretation.


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-[1] Ancient History Sourcebook: The Offering of Uha, c. 2400 BCE

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