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Statement of Claim

    The ......... of Ges-ab, Senbebu [having removed to ?] Hetep-Usertesen, justified .............. a-aat.
    Says his son : "My (?) father, he made a title to property of the office of
uab in charge of the corps of Sepdu, lord of the East, that belonged to him, to the scribe in charge of the seal, of Ges-ab, Imaat-ab: he said to my father:
    'I will give to thee a
tep with interest, and all rights (?) belonging to thee that it involves (?).'
    Then my father was questioned by the superintendent of fields, Mersu, by proxy for the
neti m sert, saying, 'Art thou satisfied with the giving to thee of the tepi re spoken of, [with] the interest (?), and every right counted to thee, in exchange for thy office of uab in charge [of the corps of Sepdu, lord of the East]?'
    Then my father said, 'I am satisfied.'
    It was said to the
neti m sert, 'The two men shall be sworn, in saying, "We are satisfied [with it]." '
    [Then] the two men were questioned by the life of the Master, L.P.H.! before the nomarch (?) [...... by] the superintendent of the fields, Mersu, by proxy for the
neti rn sert.
    Name-list of witnesses in whose presence these things were done; the scribe Im[aat-ab ?] Pa(?)........ ..................
    (Then) my [father] came southwards (?) .......... [he took ?] an exchange for (?) the
tepi-re. Moreover, my father said to me when he was ill (?) 'If the tepi-re be not given to thee which the scribe in charge of the seal, Imaat-ab swore to me, then thou must complain about it (to?) the noble who shall hear it; then shall be given thee the tepi-re and what it shall involve.'
    I complained that I might make ............. For the scribe in charge of the seal, Imaat-ab, attained (the priestly office ?) immediately."

F. Ll. Griffith Hieratic Papyri from Kahun and Gurob,
Bernard Quaritch, London, 1898

-     Hetep-Usertesen: Hotep-Senusret = Kahun
    corps: of workers employed in public works at Kahun. Among the draggers of a monumental statue there was "the corps of uabu," stonemasons etc (Griffith)
    uab: wab-priest


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