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An Old Kingdom judgment:
Sobek-hotep vs. Tchau

///// this Sobek-hotepu ///// superintendent of foreigners User ////// his wife, his children and all his chattels in his residence, in order to satisfy the children ////// that User, (and) by treating the great according to (the fact) that he is great and the lowly) according to (the fact) that he is lowly.
This Tchau said that his father never made it (i.e. the document) anywhere.
If Sobek-hotep brings three eye witnesses reliable in this matter, who can affirm: "Your might be against him - O god" and (can confirm) that a document had been drawn up in accordance with what User had said. It is in the home of this Sobek-hotep, after he has brought these three witnesses in whose presence these words were said: "This Sobek-hotep is someone who eats without causing harm."
If he does not bring these three witnesses, in whose presence this speech was uttered, then nothing of this User shall remain with him, it shall remain with his son, the King's Noble and superintendent of foreign mercenaries Tchau.
- 6th dynasty Hieratic papyrus found at Elephantine (pBerlin 9010)
-lowly: lit. small, meagre
-him: Sobek-hotep's adversary, Tchau.
-superintendent of foreign mercenaries: Tchau had inherited his father's office.

After the transcription and German translation on the Thesaurus Linguæ Ægyptiæ website
Altägyptisches Wörterbuch, Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften - hieratische Urkunden und Vermerke - Aktenstücke - pBerlin 9010 - Prozessurteil


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