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Ancient Egyptian texts: Scarab inscriptions of Amenhotep III
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Scarab inscriptions of Amenhotep III

1 The living Horus, the Strong Bull, crowned in Truth,
2 the Lord of Diadems, establisher of laws, pacifier of two countries,
3 Golden Hawk, great warrior, smiter of the Eastern foreigners, King of Upper and Lower Egypt.
4 Nebmara, Son of the Sun, Amenhetp, ruler of the Thebaid of his race, Giver of Life, (and)
5 the Queen, Tii, the living; the number of lions
6 brought by His Majesty, by his own shooting, beginning
7 from his first year, and continued to his tenth, fierce
8 lions, 102.
- -establisher of laws: the social order was divine. It was upheld by the king as divine ruler.
-Golden Hawk: nowadays referred to as Golden Horus.
-brought: Birch: brought as tribute
-shooting: Lions were often hunted with bow and arrow from a chariot.
[Image: Lion hunt]
Painted limestone ostracon
Source: The Metropolitain Museum of Art
1 The year XI., the 1st of the month Athor, under
2 the Holiness of the Horus, the Strong Bull, crowned with Truth, the Lord of Diadems,
3 establisher of laws, pacifier of the two countries, great warrior,
4 smiter of the Eastern foreigners, King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Nebmara, Son of the Sun.
5 Amenhetp, Ruler of the Thebaid, Giver of Life, (and) the Great Royal Lady Tii, the living,
6 His Majesty ordered that the tank of the Great Royal Lady (Queen) Ti should be made
7 in the city of Tsarukh, excavating its length
8 3600 cubits, its breadth 600 cubits, his Majesty made the great festival
9 of the waters
of the month of Athor, the 16th day, his Majesty sailed in
10 the barge (named) Atennefru within it.

Trans. S.Birch in Records of the Past, Series I, Volume 12, London 1881

-Athor: 3rd month of the first season
-great warrior: Birch: great man of the sword or scimitar
-eastern foreigners: Birch: Satu
-Great Royal Lady: Great King's Wife
-tank: lake, its length is also read as 3700, its width as 700 cubits
-Tsarukh: Djarukha, of unknown location, perhaps near Akhmim
-cubits: 1 cubit measured about half a metre.
-festival of the waters: feast of the Opening-of-the-Lakes
-sailed: Birch: or rowed


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