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Petrie Papyri: Official journal found at Kahun

[Image: Papyrus, official journal, Kahun]- This hieratic document dates to the Middle Kingdom.
1 bear witness (?) if it be that (?) ///// the old-man's-staff. He ought to 2 come ///// the old-man's-staff [ought to take (?)] what belonged to him 3 by the law of the South-country (?) when the ///// he departed (?) and placed (?) themselves (?) in their villages 4 without coming to do their tasks justly (?); reports it 5 the servant here; let there be (?) a communication as to it; one shall (?) do what one shall command him. It is a communication thereon. - -old-man's-staff: person supporting one in one's old age, generally the eldest surviving son.
Thus for instance, Thuthotep, nomarch of the Hare nome under Senusret III, wrote: He (i.e. Key, Thuthotep's father) was the staff of the old age of this his father (i.e. Nehri), and he hath appointed me as chief of his city.
The inscription of Thuthotep
6 Let be known all that is commanded and all that is said as to it in order not to cause any to come to 7 the Residence. It be well all that is said as to it, why then the wazir sendeth 8 his [messenger (?)] to them, to bring them (?) quickly; and when they arrive 9 why then shall be obeyed (?) in going thither (?). -not to cause any to come to the Residence: The central authorities preferred local officials or a vizierial messenger to deal with local issues on the spot.
-Residence: royal residence, the centre of the administration.
-wazir: vizier.

F.Ll.Griffith Hieratic Papyri from Kahun and Gurob, p.56


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