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Ancient Egyptian texts: Petrie Papyri - Memorandum of price of services
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Petrie Papyri:
Memorandum of price of services

Price of services
9 Year 29, month Athyr, day 7.
10 Made in the office of the wazir, before the governor of the Residence and wazir, Khety, 11 by the scribe, seal-keeper of the office of providing labourers (?), Amenemhat's son Ameny
12 Price of the subordinate of the director of treasures, Shepset's son, Ahy-Senb, of the Northern uart, 13 together with the priest, the superintendent of priestly orders of Sepdu, lord of the East, Shepset's son Ahy-senb.
14 Recommended(?) by the scribe of the Residence(?), Ptah-amif's son Sehetepabra.
15 The female Asiatic, Akh-aatef(?) (also called) Kemtna
16 The female Asiatic, Kemna (also called) Sepdu-em-mer
17 The female Asiatic, Meshy(?) 2 years 3 months
18 (?) (also called) .......kenbetui(?)
F. Ll. Griffith Hieratic Papyri from Kahun and Gurob,
Bernard Quaritch, London, 1898
- The document appears to be a memorandum of the price paid, or to be paid, for the services of the two brothers Ahy-Senb, Ankh-ren and Uah. As no payer is mentioned, presumably it was an affair of the government; and as no time or specific services are stated, probably the payment was an honorarium given to the two brothers on their appointment to the offices named. The honorarium consisted of four Asiatics, two women and two children, probably captured in a recent raid. (Griffith)
Year 29 of Amenemhat III (1841-1796 BCE), i.e. ca. 1812 BCE
Northern uart: Lower Egypt. Egypt was seemingly divided into three territorial divisions at the time:
- the uart of the beginning of the South - the region around and above Thebes
- the uart of the South - Middle Egypt
- the uart of the North - Lower Egypt
The slaves were willed by Ankh-ren to his brother Uah [1].


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