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Ancient Egypt: The inscription of Khnumhotep I, nomarch of Menet Khufu and the Oryx nome.
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Familytree of Khnumhotep

Inscription of Khnumhotep I

Hereditary prince and count, wearer of the royal seal, sole companion, [/// (?)] great lord of the Oryx nome [/// ///], attached to Nekhen (judge).
    I came out from my city, I went to [my nome]. Never did I commit evil against a man. ////// //////
Then appointed me [my lord] the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Sehetepibre, Son of Re: Amenemhet (I) living forever and ever, to the [office (?)] /// ///. I went down with his majesty to [/// (?)], in twenty ships of cedar [which (?)] he [led (?)], coming to ///. He expelled him from the two regions (Egypt). Negroes [/// /// (?)], Asiatics, fell; he seized the lowland, the highlands, in the two regions [/// /// (?)] with the people /// remain in their positions [/// /// (?)] /// /// /// [/// /// (?)] //////.
Then his majesty appointed me as count of Menet-Khufu. My administration was excellent in the heart of his majesty, pleasant in ///.
Then I [/// (?)] my city, I benefited my people. His majesty caused to be done for me, that which my mouth uttered [/// /// /// (?)] /// the /// were ///, the /// were ///, its taxpayers were ///, the citizens were servants ..........

James Henry Breasted Ancient Records of Egypt, Part One §§ 463ff

- Khnumhotep belonged to a powerful Oryx nome family, who, thanks to his support of Amenemhet, was appointed or confirmed nomarch. His sons, his grandson Khnumhotep II and his great-grandsons held the same position in various middle Egyptian nomes.
-nome : administrative division of Egypt. There were about fourty of them. Their number changed throughout history.
-Amenemhet I ca. 1991-1962
-ships of cedar: Most boats and smaller ships were built of local wood which yielded relatively short planks. Ships built of cedar were much more sizable.
-he: Amenemhet I
-him: seemingly one of Amenemhet's rivals
-Negroes: According to the Korusko inscription Amenemhet led a campaign against Nubia in his 29th year.
-count : nomarch
-Menet-Khufu : lit. the Nurse of Khufu, capital of the Horizon of Horus, a principality in the region of Benihasan
Middle Egyptian nomes


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