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Ancient Egypt: Petrie Papyri - uput of the persons composing the household of Kha-kau-Ra
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Petrie Papyri:
Enumeration of the persons composing the Middle Kingdom household of Kha-kau-Ra

1. The second (?) year.
2. Specification of the persons of the household of the general kher-heb of Ankh-Usertesen, justified, Usertesen-Senb's son Kha-kau-Ra Senefru, called Senefru.
3. Year 1, under the majesty of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Sekhem-khu-taui-Ra, living forever to eternity. Made by the superintendent of the Shent, Sebek-ur's son, Hepi (?).
4. The general kher-heb, Usertesen-Senb's son, Kha-kau-Ra Senefru (called) Senefru he took an oath (of allegiance ?) in the year 3, first month of Harvest (Pakhons), day 4.
5. His son, Usertesen-Senb Renef-Senb whom his wife, Nekhta-Senb's daughter, Sent, bore to him, who was in the wealth(?) of the daughter of the regulator of the priestly orders of this temple, Mekten's son Nekhta-Senb, year 40.
6. His daughter Sent Sat-ka rnkt(?)
7. His serfs of the general kher-heb-ship
8. The serf Hetepa's son Thenem's daughter, Sent (called) Ana
9.       her son Ameny Ky
10.       her daughter Usertesen-Senbubu Paentini
11.       her mother's sister's daughter same name
12.           her [daughter ?] Usertesen-Senbubu Paentini
13.           her [sister ?] Ay same name
14.                 her daughter Sent same name
15.                 her daughter Sat-Senefru same name
16.                 her daughter Renef-Senb same name
17.       her mother's sister's daughter's daughter Sat-Senefru's daughter Paentini same name
18.                 her daughter Sent Ankhetsi
19.                 her sister Metankhta Tata
20.                       her daughter Shent(?) same name
22. His serfs consisting of what the royal acquaintance Usertesen gave to him in the year 3 from amongst his serfs of the Department of Works (?).
22. the serf Sent's daughter Usertesen-Senbubu (called) Ta-unes
23.       her daughter Sent Ana
24.       Sat-Hathor's son Usertesen-Senbubu was found had been made increase(?) to him above(?) the census list of the year 40(?)

1. Serfs of the sister of his father, Ameny's daughter Sen[t, given to her(?) by conveyance from her brother ?]
2. Ameny's son Usertesen, who was a rich man (?) .....................
3. Year 26, first month of Harvest, day 9, satisfaction with it, oath.
4. serf Her-per's son (?), Usertesen's son (?) Senbubu (called) Ud....shu
5.       his sister Sent same name
6.       Khen[emt (?)] Kuketf (?)
7.       her daughter [Pa]entini same name
8.       ...................... Sat-Khnem
9.       .............................. ................

F. Ll. Griffith Hieratic Papyri from Kahun and Gurob,
Bernard Quaritch, London, 1898


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