Ancient Egypt: Tomb inscription of the Nomarch Henku
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Tomb inscription of the Nomarch Henku


    Henku administered the Cerastes-Mountain nome, the 12th nome of Upper Egypt during the late 5th or early 6th dynasty. He was followed by his offspring.
    Tomb inscriptions should be read with caution. They are designed to show the dead in a good light rather than to be strictly truthful.

..... I gave bread to all the hungry of the Cerastes-Mountain; I clothed him who was naked therein. I filled its shores with large cattle, and its lowlands with small cattle. I satisfied the wolves of the mountain and the fowl of the heaven with flesh of small cattle .......... I was lord and overseer of southern grain in this nome ............ I settled the [feeble] towns in this nome with people of other nomes; those who had peasant-serfs therein, I made their officials as officials. I never oppressed one in possession of his property, so that he complained of me because of it to the god of my city; (but) I spake, and told that which was good, never was there one fearing because of one stronger than he, so that he complained of it to the god.
I arose then to be ruler in the Cerastes-Mountain, together with my brother, the reverend, the sole companion, the ritual priest, Re'am, I was a benefactor to it (i.e. the nome) in the folds of the cattle, in the settlements of the fowlers. I settled its every district with men and cattle ....... small cattle indeed. I speak no lie, for I was one beloved of his father, praised of his mother, excellent in character to his brother, and amiable [to his sister] ........
James Henry Breasted Ancient Records of Egypt Part I, § 281


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