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Ancient Egypt: Petri Papyri - Conveyance by Mery
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Petri Papyri:
Conveyance by Mery

Title to property made by the regulator of the corps, Antef's son Mery, to his son Mery's son, Antef, called Iusenb.
Year 39, Khoiak, day 19.
Title to property made by the regulator of the corps, Antef's son Mery, calIed Keba, for his son, Mery's son Antef, called Iusenb. I am giving my regulatorship of priestly orders to my son, Mery's son Antef, called Iusenb, as (?) ''old man's staff," even as I grow old : let him be promoted (thereto) at this instant.
As to that title to property that I made for his mother before, it is annulled;
as to my house that is in the territory (?) of Het ..........., it is for my children borne to me by the daughter of the
ami-sa of the kenbeti-n-u Sebekemhat, Nebt-Hunen-Seten, with all that is in it.
Name-list of witnesses in whose presence this title to property was made:
the regulator of the corps, Senu-Set's (?) son, of the same name (?)
[the uab ?] Usertesen's son Senbubu

F. Ll. Griffith Hieratic Papyri from Kahun and Gurob,
Bernard Quaritch, London, 1898

- Year 39: Probably of the reign of Amenemhet III
property: lit. contents of the house
corps: of workers employed in public works at Kahun. Among the draggers of a monumental statue there was "the corps of uabu," stonemasons etc (Griffith)


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