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The stela of Ankhenesneferibre

1 Year 1, third month of the third season, day 29, under the majesty of Horus: Menekhib (mnx-ib); Favorite of the Two Goddesses: Mighty of Arm; Golden Horus: Beautifying the Two Lands; King of Upper and Lower Egypt: Neferibre; Son of Re: 2 Psamtik II, given life. On this day the king's-daughter, Enekhnesneferibre, arrived at Thebes.
Her mother, the Divine Consort, Nitocris, who liveth, came forth
3 to behold her beauty, and they went together to the House (pr) of Amon. Then was conducted the [divine (?)] [image (?)] from [the House of] [Amon], to /// /// 4 [///] in order to make her titulary as follows:
"The Greatly Praised in [///], Flower in the Palace, [///] of the [///] of
5 Amon, High Priest of Amon, King's-Daughter Enchhnesneferibre. She shall be in the Presence of her Father, Amon-Re, Lord of Thebes, Presider over Karnak."
- Hieroglyphic text [1] (Opening in a new window)
Family tree of Nitocris
-Year 1: 594 BCE
-Psamtik II: 594-587 BCE
-Her mother: adoptive mother. Nitocris was Ankhenesneferibre's aunt.
-Divine Consort: God's Wife of Amen
-House (pr): temole, domain, estate
6 Year 7, first month of the first season, day 23, went forth this Good God, Lord of the Two Lands, Psamtik (II) to heaven. He joined the sun, the divine limbs mingling with him who made him {jr-sw).
Then was crowned
7 his son, in his place, (even) Horus; Wahib; Favorite of the Two Goddesses: Lord of Might; Golden Horus: Making Verdant the Two Lands; King of Upper and Lower Egypt; Apries (Haa-jb-ra); Son of Re: Wahibre (wAH-jb-ra) who liveth.
-Year 7: 587 BCE
-joined the sun: to reside in the heavens.
-who made him: Re was the ultimate creator god.
-Wahibre: 587-569 BCE
Year 4, fourth month of the third season, 8 day 4, of this king; went forth the Divine Votress {dwA.t-nTr), Nitocris, triumphant, to heaven. She joined the sun, the divine limbs mingling with him who made her. Her daughter, the High Priest, Enekhnesneferibre, 9 did for her all that is done for every excellent king.
Now, when twelve days had elapsed after these events, (in) the fourth month of the third season, day 15, went the king's-daughter,
10 the High Priest, Enekhnesneferibre, to the House of Amon-Re, king of gods; while the prophets, the divine fathers, the priests (wab), ritual priests and lay priests of the temple of Amon 11 were behind her, and the great companions were in front thereof. There were performed for her all the customary ceremonies of the induction of the Divine Votress (dwA.t-nTr) of Amon into the temple, by the divine scribe 12 and nine priests (wab) of this house (pr). She fastened on all the amulets and ornaments of the Divine Consort (Hm.t-nTr), and the Divine Votrcss {dwA.t-nTr) of Amon, crowned with the two plumes, the diadem of 13 her forehead, to be queen (Hn.t) of every circuit of the sun.
-the House of Amon-Re: The Amen temple at Thebes
Her titulary was made as follows:
"Hereditary Princess, Great in Amiability, Great in Favor, Mistress of Loveliness, Sweet in Love, Queen (Hn.t} of all Women, Divine Consort,
14 Divine Votress, Heknefrumut (HqA.t nfr.w mw.t), Divine Hand, Enekhnesneferibre, who liveth, King's-Daughter of the Lord of the Two Lands, Psamtik (II)."
There were done for her all the customary rites and all the ceremonies as
15 was done for Tafnut in the beginning. The prophets, the divine fathers, and the lay priests of the temple came to her at all times when she went to the House of Amon, at his every festal procession.
-Divine Hand: the hand which brought fourth - through masturbation - the original seed of creation.

J. H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Part Four, § 988

[1] Gaston Maspero ed., Études de mythologie et d'archélologie égyptiennes, vol VIII, Paris 1916, pp.301f.

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