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Ancient Egypt: The inscriptions of Ameniseneb
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The inscriptions of Ameniseneb

Stela Louvre C12

The good god, lord of the Two Lands, lord of ceremony, king of Upper and Lower Egypt Nemaaenkhare, may he be given eternal life, son of Re of his body, Khendjer, may he be given life eternally, stability and rule.
After a Spanish translation by Ángel Sánchez Rodríguez
- Reign of Khendjer, 13th dynasty
For the ka of the chief of a priestly phyle of Abydos, Ameniseneb, triumphant, son of Emku (aA-m-kAw), born of the matron Nebetyotef (nb.t-jtf).
3 He saith: The scribe of the vizier, Seneb, the son of the vizier, came to call me, by order of 4 the vizier. Then I went with him, and I found the governor of the residence city, the vizier, 5 Enkhu (anxw) in his hall. Then this official laid upon me a command, saying: 'Behold, 6 it is commanded, that thou cleanse this temple of Abydos. Artificers shall be given to thee for the contract thereof, together with the lay 7 priesthood of the [districts (?)] of the storehouse of offerings.'
Then I cleansed it in the
8 lower house and the upper house, on its walls, behind, and within; the painters filling with color, 9 with [///] and with [///] restoring that which 10 the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Kheperkere, triumphant, made.
Then came 'the protector of the oil tree' to
11 assume his place in this temple, while the deputy of the chief treasurer, Sionouris (sAjn-Hr.t)) followed him. Then 13 he thanked me greatly, beyond everything, saying; 'How prosperous is he who has done 14 this for his god!'
Then he gave to me a heap of 10 deben, supplied with
15 dates and half an ox. Then came the official (sr) of [///] 16 down-stream; then were seen these works; 17 then was rejoicing thereat exceedingly, beyond everything.

Stela Louvre C11

-ka: cf. Body and Soul
-phyle: group of priests doing temple duty for a month. The priesthood was generally divided into four phyles.
-triumphant: Deceased. Variously translated as justified or true of voice.
-Kheperkere Senusret I
-lay priesthood: wnw.t Hw.t nTr the hour-priests of the temple.
-lower house and the upper house: Breasted: Doubtless the upper and lower story. The upper story can only be the roof of the temple, over which awnings were drawn.
-with [///] and with [///]: Breasted: tjt and jm, the latter is probably paste.
-the protector of the oil tree: Breasted: This (xw-bAq) is doubtless a name of the cult image of the god.
-heap: Breasted: "Heap" (aHa) is a term commonly designating a pile of offerings and regularly used of a group of articles of food when thus presented.
-deben: weight, about 91 grammes, used as valuation: worth 10 deben of copper. Cf. Abstract equivalence values
The Good God, Lord of the Two Lands, Lord of Offering, King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Nemattre-Nebhepetre, who is given life forever; Bodily Son of Re, Khendjer, who is given life, stability, satisfaction forever.
1 It was commanded to charge the chief of a priestly phyle of Abydos, Ameniseneb, triumphant, saying: "Behold, 12 these works which thou hast done have been seen; the king praises thee, his ka praises thee. 3 Spend thy good old age in this temple of thy god."
Then it was commanded
4 to give to me the hind quarters of an ox, and it was commanded to charge me, saying: "Conduct 5 every inspection which takes place in this temple."
I did according to all that was commanded;
6 I had every [shrine] (mnqb) of every god, who is in this temple, restored, 7 their altars renewed with cedar, and the great [oblation-table (?)] which was in the presence. 8 I executed my desire, it pleased my god, the king praised me.
-presence: Breasted: of the god or possibly "which was formerly there"

J. H. Breasted: Ancient Egyptian Literature, Part One, §§ 781-787

I'd like to thank Krystal Lords who kindly drew my attention to the mistake I made, when I switched Stela C11 and C12.

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