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Ancient Egyptian deities: Wadjet
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also Wedjat, Udjat, Uzat
Wedjat amulet     The moon eye of Horus. It was torn out by Seth and replaced by Thoth, hence wadjet (wAD.t) - the eye that is well:
I have made whole the eye after it had been damaged on this day of the fight of the two adversaries.
Gloss: What does it mean: "the fight of the two adversaries"? This is the day on which Horus fought against Seth, when he threw dirt into the face of Horus, when Horus tore off the testicles of Seth. But it was Thoth who accomplished this with his fingers.
After Hermann Grapow, Religiöse Urkunden, Urk. V 32
In Urk. V 34 the wadjet refers to the right eye of Re
I have raised the hair with the wadjet-eye when it had become angry.
Gloss: This is the eye of Re when it had become angry, after he had sent it forth. But it was Thoth who raised this hair with it.
After Hermann Grapow, Religiöse Urkunden, Urk. V 34
When the eye was returned to Re by Shu and Tefnut its place had been taken by another eye the jAx.t, fashioned by Re. jAx.t, the shining one, is also a name of Hathor.
It discovered that I (i.e. Re) had made another in its stead. I had replaced it with the jAx.t-eye which I had made. Then its position was moved to the fore of my face; thereafter it ruled the whole land.
After Hermann Grapow, Religiöse Urkunden, p.15
Henceforth Re wore the wadjet, the uraeus, on his forehead.
The Book of the Dead also refers to the wadjet as the Heavenly Cow:
I have seen this Re who was born by the buttocks of the Heavenly Cow. If he is well, I am well too. If I am well, then he is well too.
Gloss: Who is this Re who was born by the buttocks of the Heavenly Cow yesterday? It is the image of the Eye of Re who is born every morning. But the Heavenly Cow, she is the
After Hermann Grapow, Religiöse Urkunden, Urk. V 36-37

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