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Ancient Egyptian deities: Uto
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also Buto, Wadjet, Uazet, Edjo etc. Identified by the Greeks with Leto.
Tutankhamen     Cobra goddess, tutelary deity of Lower Egypt. As fire spitting uraeus she was worn on a headband by the pharaohs, generally in conjunction with the vulture of Upper Egypt or a second uraeus representing Nekhbet. As Wadjet she was the Eye of Re, also Lady of the Devouring Flame, the creative force of the sun-god.

Tutankhamen's death mask with the tutelary goddesses of Egypt on his nemes.

    Uto aided Isis (with whom she was at times merged into Isis-Uto) when she was bringing up Horus hidden in the marshes of the Delta fearing Seth who had killed Osiris.
    Her main cult centre was at Dep which merged with near-by Pe. Senusret I referred to her as Mistress of Pe and Dep.

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