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Ancient Egyptian deities: Upuaut
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    also Wepwawet, Upwawet etc.

Upuaut by the scales Upuaut weighing the heart of the deceased
Courtesy Jon Bodsworth, excerpt

    Lord of Siut. Jackal headed Opener of the Path. A procession in his honour was held on the first of the intercalary days
There shall be given to him (i.e. Upuaut): A white loaf per individual wab-priest, for his statue, which is in the temple of Anubis, lord of Rekreret on the first day of the 5 intercalary days, when Upwawet, lord of Siut, proceeds to his temple
The contracts of Hepzefi, reign of Senusret I
J. H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Part One, § 540
    Ikhernofret described the Osirian festival drama and Upuaut's role:
I celebrated the (feast of) "Going Forth" of Upwawet, when he proceeded to champion his father. I repelled the foe from the sacred barque, I overthrew the enemies of Osiris....
Ikhernofret's inscription, reign of Senusret III
J. H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Part One, § 669

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