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Ancient Egyptian deities: Sematawy
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    Sematawy, also Hor-sematawy-pa-khered (i.e. the Child), Somtus–later Harsomtus to the Greeks, was a son of Hathor of Denderah and of Horus of Edfu. His name means "Uniter of the Two Lands". An inscription from the 6th dynasty refers to a Horus of Denderah, sometimes thought to be an ancient falcon god later identified as Horus the Elder, but apparently referring to Horus Sematawy. He also bore the name of Peremaset, "He who emerged from Isis", and Sasemsuenuser, "Eldest Son of Osiris", identifying him with Horus, son of Isis and Osiris. He was rarely mentioned until the late New Kingdom. Sematawy was depicted with a falcon head crowned with a double feather.
    His elder brother was Ihy, the divine player of the sistrum, referred to at Denderah as Ihy, the Elder, son of Hathor. It is at times difficult to differentiate between the two brothers.

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