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Ancient Egyptian deities: Selket
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also Serket, Serket-hetu, Greek Selkis
Selket     Selket, srq.t (transliteration srq.t) was a protective goddess, above all of the deceased, together with Isis, Nephthys, and Neith. During the New Kingdom these four were depicted standing at the corners of the coffin and protecting it with their outspread wings.

Selket, tomb of Tutankhamen
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    She was a mistress of magic, defending the sun-god with her charms against his many enemies. As such she was later identified with Isis who wore the byname Great of Magic.
    Her sacred animal was the scorpion. She was invoked in cases of scorpion and other stings. She was often depicted as a woman carrying a scropion on her head.

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