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Ancient Egyptian deities: Satis
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(Egyptian Satet)
[Satet]     Lady of Elephantine since the Middle Kingdom - Amenemhet II called himself in an Aswan inscription Beloved of Satet, mistress of Elephantine, Dispenser of the Cool Waters of the Cataract. Her waters were used by the dead for purification. She was a consort of Khnum. With the identification of Khnum and Re she became an "Eye of Re" and assumed roles similar to those of Hathor, as a goddess of love.
    Together with Khnum and Anuket she formed the Triad of Elephantine. Nesuhor prays to the triad
O lord of might! Fashioner of gods and men! Khnum, lord of the Cataract, Satet, and Anuket, mistress(es) of Elephantine! I rejoice in your names, I praise your beauty.
Inscription of Nesuhor, reign of Apries
J. H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Part Four, § 991
    She was replaced by Sothis as dispenser of the reviving waters.
Originally venerated as an antelope, she was later depicted as a woman wearing a White Crown on which antelope horns were mounted.

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